Quest Learning Platform

I came across an article talking about a quest-based learning platform.  It is a 3D Game Lab designed by professors at Boise State University and it’s a really, really interesting idea to me.   This platform is described as a way for learners to have some choice.  The learner chooses their way through the curriculum and has a choice in the activities that they want to work on and not participate in activities that you’re not interested in.  Sounds awesome to me!

From the article:  Students choose what quests they want to complete and when.  They have until the end of the semester to complete everything. <– I see some bad in this for someone that might procrastinate.

If they need help they can see if anyone is working on the same quest and work together.  Participatory learning is definitely encouraged here.   The curriculum is set to ensure that the learner is working through the curriculum standards that is set for the program.

Another big one that hits on topics from this week is that learners earn points by completion of quests.  The learner has to gain enough experience points to complete the course. Finally, they earn badges and awards for their quests as well.  You can read the full article here:

Here’s the link to the actual 3D GameLab site

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