Two Technologies for Use in Corporate Training

“Schools, office buildings and other worksites are filled with people who have never known a world without videogames, cell phones, and the internet. In the four years between 2006 and 2010, nearly one in five US workers is expected to retire, to be replaced primarily by 18-40 year-olds who grew up with videogames.”  (Trybus)

With that said my two picks are mobile devices and game-based learning.  In addition to my opinion, I have added links to research and articles dedicated to the two subjects as well as an interactive scenerio for training that I thought would be useful as we decide which two technologies to use for our paper.

When I first thought of mobile learning or mLearning for corporations and non-education training, I immediately thought of cell phones like the iPhone and learning apps for tablets.  A Sony PSP is not a device I would have thought about for mobile learning.  But in the article below “Entering the Mobile Zone” a company used PSP’s for new hire training.

  • Entering the Mobile Zone – Hotel chain used PSP’s for new hire training
  • Mobile Learning Made Easy – Benefits and challenges of mobile learning.   “This article sets out some of the key benefits, going beyond the much-stated convenience of anytime, anywhere access. It also offers solutions to some of the key challenges such as how to design effective mobile learning and how to design it once but deliver it to different devices across multiple platforms.”
  • Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources – Interesting list of mobile learning resources some are for education but I think some could still be used for corporate training as well.

Game-based learning is something that I am very interested in because I can see its uses in both corporate and educational settings.  Considering what the above quote says about the 18-40 year-olds that grew up with video games, it’s not a stretch to think that if people grew up playing video games that using game-based learning for corporate training would be successful with that audience.

If you consider blending the two picks of technology, mobile and game-based learning, what you have is a way for busy corporate workers to take in some training while sitting in an airport, riding the subway, or in-flight.

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