A Day Well Spent

As a World Campus student I spent much of my time as an anonymous name behind a keyboard.  For six years I worked and studied hard to earn my undergraduate degree.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to finally come out from behind the keyboard to cross the stage with my fellow classmates.  It was a nice change.

We attended the World Campus reception where I got to meet my academic adviser in person.  She was as lovely in person as she was in her emails.  She was able to introduce me to the head of the Labor Studies and Employment Relations department and the History of Work in America professor.  I was able to jokingly tell him that his class made me cry.  While I jokingly told him that, it really did make me cry.  It was a tough class.

I met up with the department head and the professor again later at a LER reception on the main campus.  I got to have pictures taken on the steps of Old Main. It is after all a rite of passage to take a graduation photo on those steps.

Then at the Bryce Jordan Center I was shuffled through the portals, down the steps, and found my seat.  I was not anonymous in that moment.  I was just a Penn State student excited to graduate.  As an added bonus as I looked for a seat in my section I sat down beside a girl that I took a class with, last semester, and she was in my 4 person group. What a lucky coincidence.  I guess I wasn’t that anonymous after all.




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