501 Introduction Video

This is my first reflection post for EDTECH 501 the introductory course for the Master’s of Educational Technology program at Boise State University.

I recorded and re-recorded my video about 6 times because I just feel silly looking at myself on camera.  I blink way too much and I know I say um a lot. I blink because my contacts get really dry when I try and stare deeply into the eyes of my webcam and I guess I say um because I’m nervous.

I used Windows Live Movie Maker which has changed quite a bit since I last used it with Windows XP.  I hope that within the MET program I learn how to use Camtasia.  I own the program but I don’t know how to use it and sadly there are no tutorials on how to use it on Lynda.com.  I think my final video turned out okay but I hope when I post my final reflection on the MET program my video looks much more sophisticated than this one is.

This video assignment aligns with AECT Standard 3.1 Media Utilization.  I used the Windows Live Movie Maker software to develop a video to introduce myself to my classmates.  I was able to use the split function to edit out a few stumbles.  I also added animation clips to the beginning and ending of the video.  I recorded the video using the webcam function within Windows Live Movie Maker.  I saved it for the web and then uploaded it to my YouTube account and listed it as “unlisted”.


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