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Quest Learning Platform

I came across an article talking about a quest-based learning platform.  It is a 3D Game Lab designed by professors at Boise State University and it’s a really, really interesting idea to me.   This platform is described as a way for learners to have some choice.  The learner chooses their way through the curriculum and … Continue reading

Changing Roles of Learner and Teacher

To address the question “How would one differentiate between learners and teachers/facilitators in the context of participatory learning and Web 2.0?” I am going to quote a passage from the John Seely Brown book, A New Culture of Learning to answer this question.  “In the new culture of learning, people learn through their interaction and … Continue reading

A New Culture of Learning

I just finished reading the interview articles with John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas and it was great.  I was actually excited about what I was reading and a few times said “YESSSS” out loud and made my 1 year old look at me like I lost my mind. I am very interested in gaming … Continue reading

Learning and Web 2.0

How is learning presumed to occur within the context of Web 2.0? There were several words that were repeated numerous times in the articles assigned for this week’s readings Minds on Fire and Learning, Working, & Playing in the Digital Age.  These words were social learning, sharing, collaborating, and participation.  I believe that a few … Continue reading