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Teaching Revisited

I really enjoyed the article Teaching in Social and Technological Networks.  Siemens discusses modelling as a teaching practice.  “To teach is to model and to demonstrate.  To learn is to practice and reflect.”  I really liked that.  I think that we have done a lot of that this semester in the form of our blogs.  … Continue reading

Learning revisited

A Seismic Shift in Epistemology “Many faculty force students to turn off electronic devices in classrooms” (Dede, 2008)  I think this is because, as the article discusses, so many teachers and administrators are still teaching and making policies based on the classic approach.  They believe that they must instruct the same way that teachers have … Continue reading

Blog Curation – Week 4

Because of our broad and varied backgrounds and interests, I think each of us took something different away from this weeks readings.  I think that while our topics were varied we are all in agreement that the collaborative nature of Web 2.0 tools are convenient and are great at bringing learners together to share their … Continue reading